Our 29th. Anniversary!

I began S. Bernstein & Co. on July 16, 1991. This month marks our 29th. year in business! Hard to believe almost three decades has come and gone. You might say that this year is the the most momentous one in our history. You would be correct. In April, in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco temporarily shut down. Since our lease was about up, I decided to take this opportunity and transition from retail gallery to private dealer handling exquisite jades to a select clientele. So far, this has worked out exceedingly well. We have handled some great pieces and performed non contact appraisals  for clients in Japan, Germany, across the U.S. and here in the Bay area. This format has reduced our overhead significantly and I am able to offer pieces at lower prices to my clients. It is also a lot less stressful not having to commute 2 hours a day in the worst traffic in America while managing and staffing a gallery full time. If you own or manage a business, I am sure you will agree it is difficult to find qualified motivated young people to work in a retail setting.

On the occasion of my company’s 29th birthday, I want to say thank you to all of the hundreds of clients and friends who have wished us well over the decades. I especially want to thank my gallery directors and assistants who have worked diligently and performed their duties with dedication and care.  Being an art dealer is one of the greatest careers a person can experience. Thank you!


Sam Bernstein

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