Selected Treasures from the Scholar's Studio

In early China the Scholar's Studio provided a haven for contemplation away from the cares of the world.  It was a world  in which the scholar retreated to contemplate curiosities and fantastic works of art that stimulated the mind. We are pleased to highlight superlative works of art from our collection which exemplify the scholar's ideal.







Wearable Antique Jades from Han to Qing

We are pleased to present from our Gallery a selection from our collection of wearable antique jades. You will find Han Dynasty through Qing Dynasty Jades to choose from which reflect the finest of each period. Enjoy browsing through our collection!


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Chinese Metalwork from Shang to Qing Dynasty

A Special Exhibition of Fifteen Gold, Silver and Bronze Objects

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Today’s art market is global and we draw upon our knowledge of the international art market and expertise to provide the best possible service to our clients. We will work hard for you and invite you to contact us to discuss your appraisal needs.


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