36-Year Expertise in Appraisal of Antique Chinese Jade, Valuations. Also For Related Oriental Art Objects.

Expert value appraisal of antique jade carvings by our jade appraisal services, bringing you over 30 years experience in works of art. Today’s art market is global and we draw upon our expertise and knowledge of the international art market to provide the best possible service to our clients. We will work on your behalf and invite you to contact us to discuss your appraisal needs. Where to get jade appraised near me – contact us soon.

Expert Antique Jade Art Sculpture Appraisal. Value of Jade Carvings and Figurines.

Where to get jade appraised is a frequently-asked question for individuals who have newly acquired antique oriental art or who are collectors looking for trustworthy appraisals on works they acquired – or have an opportunity to acquire – or want to sell.

Chinese jade art appraisal is an exacting art and science in which Sam Bernstein brings over 30 years of expertise, and is known internationally. Any piece can be appraised globally through Zoom video conference. He has deep experience in the dealer world and scholastic/history knowledge of Chinese and Japanese sculpting art.

The value of jade carvings, through the jade appraisal process, is a critical step in buying and selling oriental antique art. Whether it be Imperial Chinese jade or Japanese sculpting art, our services have earned the highest reviews and our clients return time after time for appraisals of art they’re purchasing or selling. The market for Chinese oriental art is global, so buyers and sellers can come together from a wide range of countries.

We specialize in expert-level, non-touch appraising since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Written Appraisal Reports

At your request, we will provide a written jade appraisal report which sets forth our expert opinion regarding your works of art for insurance, tax purposes and charitable donation. The appraisal will include a proper description of the objects and a determination of the Fair Market Value, based upon comparable examples in the worldwide marketplace. We will provide an estimate of the number of hours we anticipate are needed before starting work on the assignment. We charge a flat rate of $250.00 per hour for this appraisal service. If travel is required to perform on site appraisals, our rate is $2,500 per day plus usual and customary expenses.

Oral Reports & Consultations

We perform oral reports/consultations at the rate of $250 per hour. There is a minimum of one hour of time. This may be appropriate for executors of estates or family members seeking to benefit from expert opinion as to the value and possible disposition of their art objects. There is no documentation provided with oral reports or consultations.

Litigation Support

We provide expert witness testimony in legal proceedings and offer litigation support to attorneys seeking to evaluate and identify works of art. Our hourly rate for litigation related matters is $350 per hour. If travel is required, we charge $3,500 per day plus reasonable and customary expenses.

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