sam-bernsteinSam Bernstein is an internationally recognized specialist dealer in Chinese antiquities. Mr. Bernstein has authored thirteen volumes on Chinese art including Collecting Chinese Art and The Emperor & The Motorcycle Mechanic, Memoir of An Art Dealer.

Over the past thirty-five years, Mr. Bernstein has gained experience in forming some of the great collections of Oriental art in the world. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia studying and viewing public and private collections of jade and oriental art. Objects handled by Mr. Bernstein may be found in the following museum collections: The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama, Corning Museum of Glass, Hong Kong Museum of History, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Greater Victoria Museum of Art,  The Margaret & Trammel S. Crow Asian Collection, Dallas, Texas, The Samuel P. Harn Museum at the University of Florida, Louisiana State University Museum of Art,  Northwestern University Collection, and The Phoenix Art Museum.

Sam Bernstein is a native of Dallas, Texas. Both of his parents were passionate collectors of Oriental art and traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Far East. In 1991, Mr. Bernstein began S. Bernstein & Co., Jade and Oriental Art. Today, S. Bernstein & Co. is an International Private dealer showing by Appointment in the Bay Area.