Meet our Latest On Line Auction Ming Things!: Jades of the Glorious Ming Dynasty!

Our new On Line Auction format is gaining interest! The theme of the new on line auction is Ming Things: jades of the Glorious Ming Dynasty. Superlative examples from our collection have been carefully selected. Objects exemplifying the Ming period love and admiration for scholar related objects are on offer.

The large reddish brown Bi Disc with Dragons is a classic and beloved subject representing the Ming dynasty admiration of ancient forms (Fanggu, emulating the ancient forms). This example is powerfully rendered and well displayed on a fitted stand. It would have the place of honor on the scholar’s desk and was a direct connection to the most ancient of forms in Chinese art.

The grey-black Bi Tong brush holder is another object useful for holding calligraphy brushes on the scholar’s desk. The grey black material is characteristic of the nephrite jade coming from Khotan in the far western region of China.
The material in the form of heavy boulders was carried by camel from Khotan to the jade working centers through the country. This piece represents the refinement and eclecticism of Ming Dynasty taste.

The scholars brush washer with original wooden case inlaid with mother of pearl is an essential part of the scholar’s desk. It was used to mix ink and water and served to load the calligraphy brush with ink. This example is a rich grey black coloration and shows the well worn use over centuries of use. This fine piece was once part of the Gump Family Collection of san Francisco. The Gump Family began the first emporium in America dealing in Jade in 1861.

The last piece in our auction is a well formed gilt gold on bronze seated figure of the Buddha resting on a fitted wooden stand. This piece would have been placed on the scholar’s desk along with other objects intended to inspire the calligrapher during his studies.

The Glorious Ming Dynasty is cherished for its love of refinement, economic success and respect for the best of ancient China. Be inspired and bid on one or more of these remarkable objects which have endured Five Centuries of collecting!

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