Let’s take a moment to remember…

During this Holiday season when there are colorful lights, children excited to meet Santa and festivities planned I pause for a moment. This past year saw several of my longest and dearest friends depart this earth. Memories of Irene and of John remain vivid in my mind’s eye. Together we formed two great collections of Oriental Art. The dealer-collector relationship was mutually beneficial. Besides that, we had a hell of a blast doing it together and sharing the excitement of discovering treasures to add to their collections.


After 40 years of art dealing, I realize that these long time relationships are irreplaceable. Irene and John were like members of my close family. Their passing has created a void which can never be filled. Join with me in a celebration of their lives. Their Collections remain a testament to their love of Oriental Art. Godspeed to Irene & John. I will miss you.

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