Inaugural S. Bernstein On Line Auction Begins A new Era in our 28 Year history!

Think globally, not locally! On April 1, 2020, S. Bernstein will invite Collectors from around the world to bid on selected works of art in our collection. Our auction format will be a no reserve, no buyer’s premium for successful bids. (This is not an April Fools joke!).


Buyers from around the world will be able to bid anytime of the day during the 7 day inaugural auction. We are sure to encounter some “bugs” in the initial auction format which is custom designed for us, so bear with us. Enjoy!


Sam Bernstein

2 thoughts on “Inaugural S. Bernstein On Line Auction Begins A new Era in our 28 Year history!”

  1. Sam,
    What a great idea! Hoping for success in this new venture. Also a great idea in these times of the corona-virus. Have you heard anything from Shen Quan after he retired? I am enjoying my pieces.

    1. Hi Philip. Thank you. Yes the on line auction is off to a good start. It will take some time to catch on.
      Glad you are enjoying your Shen Quan jades. Shen is retired now and living the good life of a scholar gentleman.

      Take care and be safe!

      Sam Bernstein

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