New Excerpt From The Emperor & the Motorcycle Mechanic-Memoir of an Art Dealer

Thanks for the positive feedback. Herewith, another Chapter from my Memoir for your edification. A true story…!


The Case of the Naked Man

The handsome blond-haired man with the rather large green parrot perched on his shoulder walked into my gallery and began to browse around. I noticed he was well tanned and his haircut was impeccably maintained. I also noticed he was completely naked, wearing only the green bird on his shoulder.

“May I help you?” I asked.
“No, thank you. I just would like to browse,” he replied cordially.
I dialed the building security and asked for some assistance. Two minutes later the

head of security, George Stiles, stood in my doorway. George was six feet, four inches tall and had bright red hair. He weighed a conservative 280 pounds. George had what might be called an intimidating old school Irish cop’s presence.

“Hey! Youse with the bird, come here. I want to talk with you,” he said to the naked man.

“Is there a problem?” the naked man replied.

“Yeah, we don’t allow any birds in the building. You’ll have to take it outside,” George told the man. And with that, the naked man was escorted off the property. I never saw the man or his bright green parrot again.

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