Appraisals with Less Stress!

This year has been stressful. I think everyone would agree with that statement! My company has done more appraisals this year than in any other year. During the Covid-19 Virus, we are offering Virtual non contact appraisal service to our clients. We will appraise your Oriental Works of art by cell phone picture, email and by Zoom virtual conferencing.

This is especially helpful for our overseas clients in Asia and in Europe. This year we have performed appraisals for clients in Taiwan, China, Japan, France, England, Germany and Canada as well a dozen states here in the U.S.


I daresay that we can appraise, valuate and consult with you at any place on earth that has Internet access. Of course, we are available to do physical on site appraising when feasible.

Our hourly rate of $200 flat rate per hour has remained the same for the past 12  years. So, if you need first class appraisal service, contact us and we will provide an estimate of the amount of time involved to complete the task. We want to lower your stress by making it easy and fun to get your art appraised at a reasonable cost.


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