Liangzhu Neolithic Ritual Jade

Liangzhu Culture (circa 4800-2200 B.C.E.)

Cream white jade with greenish areas

Height: 4 5/8 inches (12 cm)


This slightly curved tubular object may have been intended to be suspended by cord and worn about the body of a shaman. The interior has been hollowed using a hollow point drill as evidenced by several offsets. These offsets are the result of drilling from one side and then the other to complete the removal of the central hole. The interior is very well polished out and the jade material has altered to the same bone white color as the exterior. The unusually shaped exterior surface is plain and has been highly polished. There are areas of the original green color which may be observed.


The subject matter, workmanship technique and physical alteration is in our opinion consistent with a Liangzhu Neolithic jades recovered from scientifically excavated sites.


Reference number: 2524 


From a Distinguished American Collection

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