White Jade Snuff Bottle and Archer’s Ring

Archer’s ring Size: Approximately 10
Snuff Bottle Height: 1 1/4 inches
Even White Khotan Nephrite jade
Circa Eighteenth Century
Chinese Workmanship


Exceptionally fine Archer’s ring and Snuff bottle rendered from finely grained white Khotan nephrite jade. The snuff bottle has lightly incised prunus branch on the front and reverse sides. The interior is well hollowed through a very small hole opening. The body tapers to a very narrow concave foot ring. There is no stopper present.
The Archer’s ring is approximately a man’s 10 U.S. size. A raised narrow band is rendered along the middle with some incised border design.
In our opinion, both pieces together represent prestige objects in terms of subject matter, workmanship and jade material of the Eighteenth century.
Reference Number 3181

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