White Jade Snuff Bottle with Bats


White Nephrite Jade
Circa: 1750-1800
Height: 6.5cm


This exceptionally fine white nephrite jade snuff bottle shows two bats in low relief of each shoulder. The bat is a popular subject in early Chinese art. The bat (fu) is a symbol of happiness and joy. The Chinese for bat (fu) sounds identical to the word for good fortune (fu) making bats popular Chinese rebuses. Five bats together represent the ‘Five Blessings’ (wufu): long life, wealth, health, love of virtue and a peaceful death.


The entire interior is removed through an exceptionally small hole opening. The foot is gently indented. The stopper is probably blue glass imitating aquamarine. In our opinion, the exceptionally fine jade material, subtle subject matter and soft degree of polish suggest a 1750-1800 date for this superior snuff bottle.


Ex Frank Volkert Collection, Chicago, Illinois

Ex Collection: Mint Museum, Charlotte S.C., circa 1974

Ex Collection: Ashkenazie & Co, San Francisco, 1994

Ex: Richards Collection, June, 1994


Reference number 4130


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