Agate Snuff Bottle Depicting A Magpie on A Branch


Circa: Nineteenth Century

Height: 7.5cm


This elegant and understated agate snuff bottle depicts a magpie resting on a branch of morning glory flowers. The magpie is associated with joy, celebration, and happiness. Magpies are also associated with marriage, children, and happy households. In ancient China, the arrival of magpies was regarded as an auspicious omen of new opportunities, be it a new job or a new love. The symbol of the magpie is often used as a traditional feng shui cure to help remove or alleviate one’s obstacles in career or love life.


The bottle is well hollowed and the material is translucent. The stopper is green glass imitating jade. In our opinion, the subject matter, material and workmanship suggest a Nineteenth century date for this snuff bottle.


Ex Collection Ashkenazie & Co. San Francisco

Ex Richards Collection


Reference number 4135




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