Teal Green Beijing Glass Fish Bowl



Width: 10 inches Height: 3 inches

Circa: Qing Dynasty (清朝)

Chinese workmanship


This remarkable bowl depicting carp swimming among lotus leaves is symbolic of longevity and the wish for many children. As such it would have made an ideal wedding gift. The glass color is an unusual teal green and is rarely encountered.

The bowl is rendered from a solid ingot of glass and abraded or polished to form the shape. The fish and lotus leaves along the exterior are fashioned by polishing down the surface leaving a raised pattern forming the design. Unlike glass making in the West during this period, Chinese glass is polished from a solid piece rather than being blown to form the shape.


In our opinion the subject matter, material and workmanship suggest a Qing Dynasty date (1644-1912) for this superb glass bowl.

Ex Gump Family Collection, San Francisco


Reference Number:3742


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