The Animal in Chinese Jade from Neolithic to Today

A slide illustrated personal review
Sam Bernstein, Author of Collecting Chinese Art


Saturday, October 19, 2019
At the Fairmont Hotel, 10 am-2 pm
$145 per person (non-refundable)
Lunch in the Laurel Court is included (no host bar)
Limited to 10 participants
Pre-registration required

To register, kindly contact us at sbernsteinjade@aol.com or call (415) 421-3434


The theme, Fabulous Beasts refers to the depiction of animals in Chinese Jade beginning in the Neolithic period to contemporary times. Mr. Bernstein will illustrate in his slide lecture a number of superb examples from the archives of S. Bernstein & Co. Many of these animals have never been published before. The emphasis will be on comparative stylistic analysis.


The Chinese have historically enjoyed depictions of fabulous mythical beasts such as dragons and zoomorphic figures of rich imagination, as well as realistic interpretations of everyday pigs, horses, turtles, dogs, cats, to name but a few. The Han through Song period is an especially rich period for the creation of animal form jades. We will examine the Ming and Qing period depictions of animals continuing through to today.


Mr. Bernstein will examine some of the techniques useful in dating jade animals. These techniques include careful physical examination of objects and the technology of each period used to make them. In addition we will discuss stylistic interpretation and subject matter as a point of reference. Taken together, physical examination and stylistic review are powerful tools useful in the dating of jade animals.


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