Natural Form Jade Brush Holder Bi Tong


Nephrite Jade

Height: 4 inches, Width: 5 inches

Circa: Qing Period (清朝), with Qianlong Seal

Chinese Workmanship


This elegant nephrite jade brush holder or bi tong was intended to hold calligraphy brushes on a scholar’s desk. The bi tong is one of the most important items in the scholar’s studio during the Qing period. This example depicts a pine tree with a rockery of scholar’s rocks. The color of the material is grey green with russet red.  The piece has a wonderful soft polish, which is pleasant to the touch.  The underside shows a recessed foot which is typical of the period, together with a wheel cut Qianlong period seal mark on the front of the brush pot.  In our opinion, the subject matter, material and workmanship are consistent with the Qing period date for this delightful scholar’s jade piece.


Formerly in a Distinguished American Collection


Reference: 4159

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