Jade Tiger Plaque

Length: 6.5 cm (2.5 inches)

Shang Dynasty (商朝), Circa 1600-1100 BC


The tiger served as a ferocious military symbol during the Shang Period and therefore was an appropriate subject for a pendant.  This example depicts the tiger with the head lowered, crouching in feline fashion as if ready to spring upon a prey.  The material is grey green with darker areas of black coloration.  There is some alteration to the surface, most likely the result of prolonged burial as usual. In our opinion, the subject matter, material and workmanship suggest a Shang Dynasty date for this work of art.  


Reference Number: 4171

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A comparable tiger pendant of similar size and quality is published in Archaic Jades from the Kwan Collection, Yang Boda.  Art Gallery of the Chinese University, Hong Kong. 1994. Plate 82.

From a private American collection.


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