Jade Notched Disc Axe

Width: 11 cm (4.5 inches)

Erlitou (二里頭文化), Neolithic Culture 1900-1350 BC


The present notched disc shows a large central hole with serrations on either side, possibly intended for mounting onto a wooden shaft to serve as a ceremonial axe.  Yang Boda suggests that this form of circular axe may have originated from a different culture than the form referred to as a Yue form blade.  Please refer to citation below. 

The present example is of a pleasant, opaque, grey-brown coloration with darker areas throughout.  This example has a silky, soft polish which is characteristic of Neolithic jades.  The subject matter, material and workmanship suggest an Erlitou Neolithic culture date for this handsome archaic jade.

A comparable disc axe of similar size and quality is published in Archaic Jades from the Kwan Collection, Yang Boda.  Art Gallery of the Chinese University, Hong Kong. 1994. Plate 60.

From a private American collection.


Reference Number: 4174

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