Green Jade Wine Vessel



Spinach Green Nephrite Jade

Height: 7 cm. (2.75 inches)

Chinese Workmanship Circa Qing Dynasty (清朝)



This highly tactile wine vessel is rendered from a lustrous deep spinach green boulder of nephrite jade. The exterior is highly polished to a soft gloss finish. The vessel rests on a well-defined foot ring with a convex shaped underside.


The simple form and understated spinach green jade material give the piece a noble appearance. Wine vessels served as an important part of the Literati life style of imbibing wine and composing poetry among peers. As such it was highly important, showing the good taste of the possessor.


In our opinion, the fine material, understated workmanship and subject matter suggest a Qing Dynasty date for this work of art.


Complete with stand.


From the Longshantang Collection


Reference Number 3941

Price Available Upon Request


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