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“S. Bernstein & Co. is the foremost Jade dealer in America”

–The Art Newspaper of London

Chinese jade acquired by S. Bernstein & Co. may be found in museum and private collections around the world. Specializing in some of the finest Chinese jade works of art from the Neolithic period through the Qing Dynasty, we also handle metalwork and ancient sculpture. We are a Private dealer offering our works of art and appraisal services through our web site and by appointment. We serve a world wide clientele.  Feel free to contact us by voice at 415 299-1600 and by email at our email address sbernsteinjade@aol.com


S. Bernstein & Co. draws upon more than forty years of expertise and associations with scholars, curators and art historians worldwide. We provide rare and signed volumes as part of our extensive art reference library. The gallery applies a methodology for dating objects and develops a dossier on each work of art. We provide a written appraisal consisting of a physical description, historical context, provenance and citations developed from research for every object we handle.




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