Bronze Garlic Shaped Wine Vessel


Archaistic Bronze Wine Flask Bianhu
Song Dynasty (宋朝), Circa 13th. Century
13½ in. (34.3 cm.) wide


This outstanding garlic headed bronze wine vessel is an example of Fanggu or emulation of ancient art forms. The arts of the Song period placed great emphasis on emulating earlier forms and expressed this through archaism.

This bronze vessel emulates Han dynasty prototypes.  The flask has a flattened oblong body raised on a rectangular foot and is cast on the long sides with a panel of conforming outline, and is surmounted by a short, waisted neck and lobed ‘garlic head’ mouth. A small loop is in the center of the base. The vessel has a grey patina and milky green and turquoise encrustation.

In our opinion, the subject matter, material, workmanship and condition suggest a Song Period date for this work of art.


Reference number: 3826

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Provenance: J.J. Lally & Co., New York, July 1997

From a Distinguished American Collection


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