Silvered Bronze Mirror


Silvered Bronze Mirror
Western Han Period (2nd – 1st Century B.C.)
Diameter: 4 1/2 inches 9 (11.5 cm.)


This diminuitive,  exquisitely cast silvered bronze mirror shows arcs which form a high relief frame. A raised miniature mountain forms the central boss. Raised points, perfectly cast, form mountains with low relief swirling clouds from the central panel. This mountain and cloud theme is eminently important during the Western Han Period.

The reverse side is well silvered and much of the mirror finish remains. The overall condition of this mirror is fine as is the quality of workmanship. In our opinion, the subject matter, material, and workmanship suggest a Han period date for this work of art.


Reference Number: 2529

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Ex Collection Wui Po Kok, Hong Kong 


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