Double Eight Lobed Silvered Mirror Depicting Archers Hunting


Double Eight Lobed Silvered Mirror Depicting Archers Hunting
Tang Dynasty (618-906)
Diameter: 10.25 inches
Height at Knob: 5/8 inch
Weight: 84 oz.


This powerfully cast silvered bronze mirror depicts four mounted archers astride horses chasing after game animals.  There are stylized trees and rock formations in the center panel.  The outer panel consists of an eight pointed floral design which is approximately one half inch thick.  The second inner panel mimics the same shape and is 1/4 inch thick.  The resulting mirror has an impressive appearance.

There is an even amount of green patination on the obverse side.  The reverse side has a large amount of the original polished surface remaining.  There are areas of brown and green patination present.  In our opinion, this mirror is a significant example of the Tang period.


Reference Number: 2490

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Ex Collection: Alan & Simone Hartman, New York City, acquired 1999.


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