Jade Wine Vessel

Qing Dynasty (清朝), Eighteenth Century

White and Grey Nephrite Jade

Diameter: 3 ½ inches


This elegant wine vessel exemplifies the refinement and appreciation of jade in the production of scholar’s objects during the Qing Dynasty. Emphasis on smooth sensuous surface, fluidity of lines and attention to detail are all typical elements of the Qing period jade working tradition.

The present jade wine vessel is of round form, gently tapering towards the base where it rests on a raised foot. The material is a white nephrite jade from Khotan with some grey inclusions and flecking. Special attention is given to the surface of the vessel where the lustrous quality of the jade is heightened by a velvety polish. In our opinion, the elegant form, beautiful material and impeccable workmanship indicate a Qing Dynasty date for this scholar’s vessel.


Reference Number: 3960

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For an in depth discussion of art objects made for the Scholars Studio, see The Chinese Scholar’s Studio, Artistic Life in the Late Ming Dynasty by Li Chu-Tsing and James C.Y. Watt. Thames and Hudson, New York, 1987.


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