Horse-Headed Mughal Style Jade Cup


Celadon White

Late 17h.- Early 18th. Century Eighteenth Century

Chinese Workmanship

Length: 4-1/2 inches (11.43 cm)


This vessel is rendered in a half-gourd shape. The fluted form appears along the body of the cup and has a smooth, satiny polish. At the handle of the cup, a horse head is captured in refined, realistic detail with a full mane.

This fine piece displays a blend of several artistic styles; the gourd shape is a Chinese theme, and the animal-headed handle is a traditional Indian motif. In our opinion, this horse-headed cup is an excellent example of late eighteenth century Chinese workmanship.


Reference number 2846


From A Distinguished American Collection

For another similar Mughal style cup with a goat head, see Collecting Chinese Jade. Sam Bernstein. S. Bernstein & Co. San Francisco: 1995. Page 88, plate 50.

A similar Mughal style cup with an ibex head with a gourd shaped design and integral handle formed as the head is in the Peony Collection, published in Jades from China. Angus Forsyth and Brian McElney. The Museum of East Asian Art. Bath, England: 1994. Page 413, number 350.

Another example of similar design is published in Dictionary of Jade. Na Chih Liang. Taipei, Taiwan. Plate 3118.


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