Head of The Buddha

Possibly Cypress Wood with Traces of Polychrome Color

Yuan Dynasty (AD1279-1368)

Height: 19 inches (48.26 cm)


This monumental head of Buddha has a youthful and benevolent expression characteristic of the Yuan period. Wooden examples of this type are rare in this period with stone depictions being more common. The crown is intact and the entire bust is rendered splendidly in masterful workmanship. In our opinion, this wooden head of Buddha is a fine example of Yuan period design and workmanship.


Reference Number: 2999


A stone Buddha with similar facial expression from the same period is published in Collecting Chinese Art, Sam Bernstein, University of Washington Press, Seattle, 2000, Plate 69, Pages 84-85.

See a similar stone Buddha with tiara of the same period illustrated in Chinese Art Under the Mongols: The Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368).  Sherman Lee.  Cleveland Museum of Art, 1968. Pl. 1, pg. 113.

Yuan dynasty sculptural elements are discussed in Zhongguo meishu quanji diaosu bian, 5, Wudai, Song [Chinese Art Series: Sculpture, Vol. 5, Five Dynasties-Song], Shi Yai, ed., Beijing: People’s Art Publishing, 1988. Page 10.


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