Chinese Jade The Immortal Stone


This volume honors Robert and Elizabeth Cookson and the remarkable collection of white Chinese Jade, which they formed during their lives. Robert was a gentleman and a man of his word. His discerning eye and analytical mind enabled him to make great choices from among many attractive alternatives. This is the essence of connoisseurship in the field of art collecting.


Jade, especially of the brilliant white variety of nephrite fascinated the Cooksons. Their collection, which forms the subject of this volume, is a rich treasure trove of material for future scholars to study and collectors to admire. It is doubtful that a collection of this quality will ever be formed again since most Chinese Jades are now in private and publicly held collections. Many world-class jade works of art are making their way back to Mainland China, where there is a thirst for repatriating the heritage of China’s history.


Each example is illustrated in full color and described in light of the latest academically derived information. The author, Sam Bernstein, an internationally recognized authority on Chinese Jade, shares his commanding knowledge and keen eye in describing each treasure.



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