White Jade Belt Hook


Length: 3.5 inches

White Nephrite Jade

Chinese workmanship Circa: Qing Dynasty (清朝)



Jade belt hooks such as this example were originally designed as utilitarian objects. However, by the Qing period they were also enjoyed as prestige objects. Scholars admired them for their beauty and workmanship as well as for their archaistic forms, which symbolized continuity with the past. Ownership of this belt hook, worked from fine white nephrite jade material empowered the wearer and was considered a prestige object.


This elegantly worked ornamental belt hook is of white nephrite jade. The body depicts juvenile dragons of archaistic form with open work bodies. The hook depicts a mature dragon with bulging eyes and curved horns that lie flat against the back of the head. Overall, this belt hook is finished in a smooth fine polish. In our opinion, the subject matter, material and workmanship suggest a late Qing dynasty date for this fine object.


From a Distinguished American Collection


Reference number: 4037


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