Chinese Mughal Style Koro

White Jadeite, Chinese Workmanship

Late Eighteenth Century

Length: 6.5 inches (16.51 cm)


This thinly worked jade covered censor exemplifies the floral Chinese Mughal style. The three-legged Koro is accented with delicate openwork acanthus flower handles supporting loose ring handles. Another openwork acanthus flower forms the cover finial. In our opinion the subject matter, workmanship and fine material suggest this Koro is a fine example of the late eighteenth century Chinese workmanship.


Reference Number 2193

Price Available Upon Request


Note: Minor abrasion to cover, as usual.


Formally in a Distinguished American Collection, Acquired March 3, 1998.


For a definitive review of Indian Mughal and Chinese Mughal style jade works, see Catalogue of the Special Exhibition of Hindustan Jade In the National Palace Museum, Taipei. National Palace Museum, 1983. This is a catalogue of one of the finest collections of Mughal jades in the world.


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