Bronze Tiger Mask Helmet Fitting

Starting bid: $22,000.00

Est. $28,000 – $32,000

Diameter 17.5 cm
Medium Cast Bronze
Circa Western Zhou Period (西周), 1100-771 BC


Item condition: Used

Time Left:

Ending On: August 21, 2020 12:00 PM

Timezone: america/los_angeles

(Enter more than or equal to : $22,000.00 )



This elegant cast bronze fitting for a bronze helmet demonstrates the importance of highly detailed status accouterments in early Chinese history.  The Western Zhou period witnessed a time of great artistic discovery and innovation. Elaborate bronze fittings adorned helmets elevating the status of the wearer.

This bronze helmet fitting in the form of a tiger mask with the exterior cast has stylized decoration between the eyes and lower region of the mask.  Two circular patterns symbolize the rounded ears of the tiger.  The nose protrudes from bottom with a stylized diamond shape in the central portion between the eyes, and geometric shapes balanced on the top portion of the nose.  The lower right and left sides are decorated with dotted bands.  The bronze material of this object has acquired a patina with encrustations of malachite and cuprite. In our opinion, this tiger mask helmet fitting is an excellent example from the Western Zhou period in terms of subject matter, design and workmanship.

Note: Small wear to obverse, as usual. A minor sample removed for scientific testing on reverse suspension loop.

Reference number 3042

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